Orange County Farmers’ Markets Add to Communities

While the rest of the county shut down, farmers’ markets were alive and well last year in Orange County, New York. As an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic, farmer’s markets across the country boomed last year with new foot traffic. The large number of farmers’ markets in Orange County were no exception. Kristy Apostolides,Continue reading “Orange County Farmers’ Markets Add to Communities”

Community Gardens in NYC Offer Wellness Benefits

Community gardens bring nature, beauty and serenity to New York City. They also provide mental wellness for millions of New Yorkers. This was no more evident than during the pandemic. New York City native Donald Loggins, 69, a founding member of the environmental group Green Guerillas, explained how the presence of multiple gardens helped wearyContinue reading “Community Gardens in NYC Offer Wellness Benefits”

Thriving with a Stutter

Three young adults share their experience with a stutter Caden Short, Matt Phillips and Carl Coffey come from different parts of the country, but share a common condition. Each has struggled with a stutter, a speech disorder commonly associated with disruptions in speaking. They have not let the struggle define them. Coffey, 32, a BowlingContinue reading “Thriving with a Stutter”

Poughkeepsie Life Coach brings optimistic realism to practice

Personal trainer Erica Jones Woolley turned a back injury in 2019 into the opportunity to coach others in a new way. “Right before the world changed, my world began to change,” she said, referring to the time before the COVID-19 pandemic. “As a person who moves for a living, I realized there was the possibilityContinue reading “Poughkeepsie Life Coach brings optimistic realism to practice”