Podcast series aims to unite the country

In a time where it seems as though America is more divided than ever, a nonprofit organization has been working to create conversations between those who have differences politically. StoryCorps, which was established in 2003 to showcase real human stories, created a series called One Small Step in 2018 as the country was becoming increasinglyContinue reading “Podcast series aims to unite the country”

College Student Discusses His Journey with Asperger’s

April is Autism Awareness Month. We are profiling different individuals on the autism spectrum to put a spotlight on their gifts, their struggles and their triumphs. Alex Prizgintas has never been defined by his autism diagnosis. Rather, he defines himself by his passions for music and history. The Marist College junior was diagnosed with high-functioningContinue reading “College Student Discusses His Journey with Asperger’s”

Long Island Native Turns Homesickness Into a Business

Being from a small town in Long Island, New York, Josh Anker always loved his bagels. Then he moved to the Philadelphia area to attend Drexel University and stayed there after graduating. Once the pandemic hit, he got an idea to bring his favorite bagels over to the Philly area after deciding to work remotelyContinue reading “Long Island Native Turns Homesickness Into a Business”