New Jersey Teen Inspires Mental Health Movement

When Jersey City teenager Hunter Reinholt died tragically at 15 after an accidental overdose in 2019, his mom Tracy decided to take action. She gathered his group of friends to figure out how to honor his legacy. “Everyone was focused on how he lived,” she said. “We decided to start something that focused on that,Continue reading “New Jersey Teen Inspires Mental Health Movement”

New York Psychologist on Why We Love Celebrities

Whether it is Bennifer‘s reunion or singer Britney Spears’ legal woes, Americans cannot seem to get enough of their favorite celebrities. Longtime psychologist Dr. Donna Rockwell, who has practices in the city and Detroit, Michigan, knows a thing or two about celebrities. Today, she serves as a psychologist to the stars, but her focus onContinue reading “New York Psychologist on Why We Love Celebrities”

Graduates Reflect on their Pandemic Senior Year

Ashley Sanchez, Isabella Crow and Anastasia Zhurova had a senior year of school like no other. Each of the Hudson Valley residents did not know what to expect from their milestone year. Cornwall Central High School graduate Crow is currently working at Camp Lookout in Frankfurt, Michigan. She will attend the University of Michigan thisContinue reading “Graduates Reflect on their Pandemic Senior Year”

The Trauma of Racism: Being Adopted

As an adopted Asian American child in Connecticut, Tessa Woods felt lost in a mostly white community. Adopted from Vietnam at five months old, the 23-year-old photographer had “subconscious identity issues.” “I never felt fully ‘Asian’ enough because I didn’t grow up with a traditional Vietnamese background,” she said. In middle school, Woods was partContinue reading “The Trauma of Racism: Being Adopted”

Thriving with a Stutter

Three young adults share their experience with a stutter Caden Short, Matt Phillips and Carl Coffey come from different parts of the country, but share a common condition. Each has struggled with a stutter, a speech disorder commonly associated with disruptions in speaking. They have not let the struggle define them. Coffey, 32, a BowlingContinue reading “Thriving with a Stutter”

Ex-Cop turned Teacher Promotes Media Literacy

Queens-based high school teacher Jeff Kaufman went from patrolling the streets of New York City to being a bridge builder in the war against online misinformation. As a computer science instructor at Queens High School for Information, Research, and Technology, Kaufman has been teaching a media literacy course for seven years. Having started out asContinue reading “Ex-Cop turned Teacher Promotes Media Literacy”

Northern Dutchess Community Coalition Talks Efforts During Pandemic

During National Prevention Month, Crissy Groenewegen of the Northern Dutchess Community Coalition shared how they have been spreading their mention of substance use prevention during a time of social isolation. “Most of the same programs that we were delivering live, we are now able to deliver virtually,” she said. The aim of the coalition, whichContinue reading “Northern Dutchess Community Coalition Talks Efforts During Pandemic”

Marist It’s On Us President Discusses Title IX Reform Fight

Amidst ongoing controversy over how Marist College handles abuse claims on campus, the college’s It’s On Us chapter president Grace Leavitt shared how her group is fighting for greater transparency and accountability. The Poughkeepsie Journal recently covered the uproar over Marist’s handling of an abuse allegation from sophomore Jahira Magnus. This follows a petitionContinue reading “Marist It’s On Us President Discusses Title IX Reform Fight”

MHA Dutchess Executive Director Makes Statement on Rise in Child Suicidal Ideation

As a report from the Children’s Hospital Association emerged that the number of children ages 6-12 visiting children’s hospitals for suicidal ideation has doubled since 2016, Mental Health America of Dutchess County Executive Director Andrew O’Grady weighed in on this troubling phenomenon. O’Grady expressed concerns about the ramifications technology and social media have had onContinue reading “MHA Dutchess Executive Director Makes Statement on Rise in Child Suicidal Ideation”

College Student Discusses His Journey with Asperger’s

April is Autism Awareness Month. We are profiling different individuals on the autism spectrum to put a spotlight on their gifts, their struggles and their triumphs. Alex Prizgintas has never been defined by his autism diagnosis. Rather, he defines himself by his passions for music and history. The Marist College junior was diagnosed with high-functioningContinue reading “College Student Discusses His Journey with Asperger’s”