Family carries on search for missing playwright

Update (June 21, 2021): Andrew Neiman’s death was confirmed Saturday after his body was discovered on the shoreline of the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie Wednesday. Andy Neiman sought mental health treatment in Poughkeepsie’s Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital before suddenly going missing on May 21. The last image of him was in the hospital wearing green scrubsContinue reading “Family carries on search for missing playwright”

Breaking Families: The Story of Kyra’s Law

Kyra Franchetti died in July 2016 at only 28 months old. Her death was the result of a court-sanctioned unsupervised visit with her biological father. This led her mom Jacqueline to start The Kyra Franchetti Foundation, which brings awareness to how New York’s family court system often fails in handling family violence claims. “I missContinue reading “Breaking Families: The Story of Kyra’s Law”

Left Behind: Laura and Sammy Colnes

This article is part of a series called “Left Behind,” where we highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted a generation of students. After more than a year of living in isolation, Laura Colnes sees the impact on her son Sammy. The Marlton, New Jersey resident saw how remote learning took its toll on her 21-year-oldContinue reading “Left Behind: Laura and Sammy Colnes”

Retired Teacher Shares Agoraphobia Story

For Mental Health Awareness Month, locals are sharing their personal mental health stories Growing up in Queens, New York, Mark Dema dreamed of traveling abroad, but a fear of going away from home consumed him. In his 30s, he realized that fear had a name: agoraphobia. As a teacher in the Hudson Valley, he wouldContinue reading “Retired Teacher Shares Agoraphobia Story”

NYC Chefs Connect Through Fresh Food

Husband and wife team Kim Calichio and Omar Bravo-Pavia left the restaurant business to offer low-cost cooking classes to families in the Queens, New York area through their nonprofit organization The Connected Chef. As was the case with many other businesses, the pandemic caused them to shift to addressing the dire needs of their community.Continue reading “NYC Chefs Connect Through Fresh Food”

Assemblyman Gottfried Discusses New York Health Act

Since 1991, New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (NY-75) has fought for single-payer healthcare in the state. This year, he may get his chance. In the wake of the pandemic, the New York Health Act–which Gottfried has co-sponsored with Assemblyman Gustavo Rivera– is gaining momentum in Albany. Assemblyman Gottfried credits this mainly to the supermajorityContinue reading “Assemblyman Gottfried Discusses New York Health Act”

Grief Stories: Kim Wills-Rinaldi

This article is part of a series called “Grief Stories.” With over 500,000 who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 virus and countless others that passed away within the last year, grief has been on the minds of many. Yet, in some cases, those who are grieving have had to deal with their painContinue reading “Grief Stories: Kim Wills-Rinaldi”

COVID Survivor Stories: Sadie Nagamootoo

This article is part of a series called “COVID Survivor Stories,” where we profile the struggles of those who survived a diagnosis of COVID-19, as they deal with the repercussions of recovery. Sadie Nagamootoo was a successful personal trainer whose life was transformed forever when she tested positive for COVID-19. The Valley Stream, Long IslandContinue reading “COVID Survivor Stories: Sadie Nagamootoo”

Young girl delivers cupcakes, donates money for good causes

A month ago, eight-year-old Hyde Park resident Tabitha Canning took out all of her 21 dollars from her piggy bank to support the Center for Prevention of Child Abuse. That was just one of many good deeds the pint-sized philanthropist has done within the last few years to help make a difference both in herContinue reading “Young girl delivers cupcakes, donates money for good causes”

Friends of Recovery Lobby for Treatment Funding

New York state politicians, Friends of Recovery advocates and individuals impacted by addiction stood outside the Capitol building in Albany to reform substance abuse by allowing the settlement funds from a 2019 lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, which are currently lying in the state’s general fund, to be administered to recovery and treatment programs. An estimatedContinue reading “Friends of Recovery Lobby for Treatment Funding”