Spotlight On: Saiwa Healing Arts

It was her own anxiety that led Lauren Haimelin Carter to embark on a career healing others. As a student at the State University of New York in New Paltz, being an overachiever had its limits. When she came back from studying abroad in Spain in 2002, a doctor diagnosed the now-41-year-old with anxiety. “IContinue reading “Spotlight On: Saiwa Healing Arts”

Assemblyman Gottfried Discusses New York Health Act

Since 1991, New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (NY-75) has fought for single-payer healthcare in the state. This year, he may get his chance. In the wake of the pandemic, the New York Health Act–which Gottfried has co-sponsored with Assemblyman Gustavo Rivera– is gaining momentum in Albany. Assemblyman Gottfried credits this mainly to the supermajorityContinue reading “Assemblyman Gottfried Discusses New York Health Act”

Vigil for Crime Victims Reflects Unsettling Times

As the Orange County Crime Victims Vigil will be held on Tuesday, April 20 at Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Hamptonburgh, NY, Crime Victims Assistance Program head Cathy Fox shares her thoughts on the rise in crime rates nationwide during the pandemic. “I don’t really think there’s one thing you can attribute it to,” sheContinue reading “Vigil for Crime Victims Reflects Unsettling Times”

Spotlight on: Mosaic Clinical Services

Tabitha Henson, owner of Mosaic Clinical Services, has been able to perform mental health miracles with a therapy known as eye movement desensitization reprocessing (or EMDR) . “The transformation that people make is is just truly unreal, unbelievable and remarkable,” she said. “To go from being hospitalized multiple times with a childhood full of traumaContinue reading “Spotlight on: Mosaic Clinical Services”

Graduate Student Makes Waves with New Business

Kate Thompson, a Hudson Valley native who is pursuing a master’s degree in social work, did not know what to do after getting laid off from her restaurant job during the pandemic. She was interning for a nonprofit organization that offers home-based therapy in North Carolina, where she moved to after getting her bachelor’s inContinue reading “Graduate Student Makes Waves with New Business”