Connecticut Native Seeks to Brighten Up Community

New Haven, Connecticut brought longtime medical professional Doreen Abubakar positive memories as a child. Today, Abubakar makes the revitalization of one of its deprived neighborhoods her life’s work. The Newhallville area was a thriving working-class community before the 1980s. Like many working class areas across the country, an economic downturn left the area in direContinue reading “Connecticut Native Seeks to Brighten Up Community”

Orange County Farmers’ Markets Add to Communities

While the rest of the county shut down, farmers’ markets were alive and well last year in Orange County, New York. As an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic, farmer’s markets across the country boomed last year with new foot traffic. The large number of farmers’ markets in Orange County were no exception. Kristy Apostolides,Continue reading “Orange County Farmers’ Markets Add to Communities”

NYC Chefs Connect Through Fresh Food

Husband and wife team Kim Calichio and Omar Bravo-Pavia left the restaurant business to offer low-cost cooking classes to families in the Queens, New York area through their nonprofit organization The Connected Chef. As was the case with many other businesses, the pandemic caused them to shift to addressing the dire needs of their community.Continue reading “NYC Chefs Connect Through Fresh Food”

Living Well During the Pandemic

If you are looking to shed the “quarantine 15” you might have gained this year while on lockdown, health coach and part-time Beacon resident Marika Blossfeldt has some tips that anyone can incorporate in their daily diet. The cookbook author and health coach — whose book “Cooking with Marika: Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm”Continue reading “Living Well During the Pandemic”