New Jersey Chiropractor Discusses Son’s AD/HD

When New Jersey chiropractor Daniel Cardellichio discovered that his 13-year-old son James had attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (or AD/HD), he started to reflect on his own childhood. “I think that I had AD/HD growing up,” he said. “It was a situation where I remember sitting in class, looking at that clock every 10 seconds. I wasContinue reading “New Jersey Chiropractor Discusses Son’s AD/HD”

Rare brain disorder changes family’s perspective

When their son Eli received the diagnosis of a rare brain disorder in September 2019, time stopped for parents Scott and Ilissa Reich. Once the initial shock dissolved, they dove headfirst into finding a cure. Eli, 2, has FOX G1 Syndrome, a condition that causes severe cognitive impairment. Symptoms include nonverbal communication, immobility and seizures.Continue reading “Rare brain disorder changes family’s perspective”

Left Behind: Laura and Sammy Colnes

This article is part of a series called “Left Behind,” where we highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted a generation of students. After more than a year of living in isolation, Laura Colnes sees the impact on her son Sammy. The Marlton, New Jersey resident saw how remote learning took its toll on her 21-year-oldContinue reading “Left Behind: Laura and Sammy Colnes”

Thriving with a Stutter

Three young adults share their experience with a stutter Caden Short, Matt Phillips and Carl Coffey come from different parts of the country, but share a common condition. Each has struggled with a stutter, a speech disorder commonly associated with disruptions in speaking. They have not let the struggle define them. Coffey, 32, a BowlingContinue reading “Thriving with a Stutter”

Senator Skoufis Discusses Fight Against Disability Cuts

New York State Senator James Skoufis has long been a supporter of increased funding for programs that help individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health issues. In negotiations for this year’s state budget, Skoufis led a successful fight to reject proposed cuts to disability and mental health programs, and was also able to increase theContinue reading “Senator Skoufis Discusses Fight Against Disability Cuts”

College Student Discusses His Journey with Asperger’s

April is Autism Awareness Month. We are profiling different individuals on the autism spectrum to put a spotlight on their gifts, their struggles and their triumphs. Alex Prizgintas has never been defined by his autism diagnosis. Rather, he defines himself by his passions for music and history. The Marist College junior was diagnosed with high-functioningContinue reading “College Student Discusses His Journey with Asperger’s”

Young Man With Down Syndrome Inspires Political Unity through Socks

At the age of 25, Long Island resident John Cronin has met with politicians, amassed thousands of social media followers and sold hundreds of thousands of socks to more than 85 countries. He also happens to have Down Syndrome. When Cronin was diagnosed as a baby, his father Mark did not know what to expect.Continue reading “Young Man With Down Syndrome Inspires Political Unity through Socks”

Mom Shares Story on World Autism Awareness Day

When Maria McFadden Maffucci found out that her son James was diagnosed with autism at four years old, she had a hard time accepting it at first. “I argued with everyone initially that he wasn’t autistic, because my idea of autism was not what we now understand the spectrum to be,” she said. “I thoughtContinue reading “Mom Shares Story on World Autism Awareness Day”

Family Shares Story on World Down Syndrome Day

When Lisa Strieter found out that her youngest daughter Jessie had Down Syndrome, she knew her world was going to change. The Stony Point resident discovered Jessie had Down Syndrome after she gave birth to her, and was not sure what to expect. “I was extremely shocked,” she said. “I had started to make phoneContinue reading “Family Shares Story on World Down Syndrome Day”