Thriving with a Stutter

Three young adults share their experience with a stutter Caden Short, Matt Phillips and Carl Coffey come from different parts of the country, but share a common condition. Each has struggled with a stutter, a speech disorder commonly associated with disruptions in speaking. They have not let the struggle define them. Coffey, 32, a BowlingContinue reading “Thriving with a Stutter”

NYC Chefs Connect Through Fresh Food

Husband and wife team Kim Calichio and Omar Bravo-Pavia left the restaurant business to offer low-cost cooking classes to families in the Queens, New York area through their nonprofit organization The Connected Chef. As was the case with many other businesses, the pandemic caused them to shift to addressing the dire needs of their community.Continue reading “NYC Chefs Connect Through Fresh Food”

Assemblyman Gottfried Discusses New York Health Act

Since 1991, New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (NY-75) has fought for single-payer healthcare in the state. This year, he may get his chance. In the wake of the pandemic, the New York Health Act–which Gottfried has co-sponsored with Assemblyman Gustavo Rivera– is gaining momentum in Albany. Assemblyman Gottfried credits this mainly to the supermajorityContinue reading “Assemblyman Gottfried Discusses New York Health Act”

Ex-Cop turned Teacher Promotes Media Literacy

Queens-based high school teacher Jeff Kaufman went from patrolling the streets of New York City to being a bridge builder in the war against online misinformation. As a computer science instructor at Queens High School for Information, Research, and Technology, Kaufman has been teaching a media literacy course for seven years. Having started out asContinue reading “Ex-Cop turned Teacher Promotes Media Literacy”

Infinite Fitness Founder Shares Personal Story

For Mental Health Awareness Month, Locals are Sharing their Personal Mental Health Stories For Michael Pittner, the possibilities are infinite. The founder of personal training business Infinite Fitness set out to embrace health and fitness towards the beginning of last year after years of using food as a crutch to cope with his mental healthContinue reading “Infinite Fitness Founder Shares Personal Story”

Man runs from NYC to Albany to fight child abuse

Updated May 17 If you’re anywhere between New York City and Albany today, you might run into Michael Pittner, who will be running 150 miles to raise awareness for child abuse. He will be embarking on his “Empire Run” starting this morning, which will take him from the Empire State Building to the state’s CapitolContinue reading “Man runs from NYC to Albany to fight child abuse”

Poughkeepsie Life Coach brings optimistic realism to practice

Personal trainer Erica Jones Woolley turned a back injury in 2019 into the opportunity to coach others in a new way. “Right before the world changed, my world began to change,” she said, referring to the time before the COVID-19 pandemic. “As a person who moves for a living, I realized there was the possibilityContinue reading “Poughkeepsie Life Coach brings optimistic realism to practice”

Hyde Park Police Chief Reflects during National Police Week

Having worked for his hometown police department for almost three decades, Hyde Park Police Chief Robert Benson has seen a lot during his years on the force. This past year, officers across the country have been subject to intense scrutiny in the wake of protests over police violence and racial unrest. Chief Benson has usedContinue reading “Hyde Park Police Chief Reflects during National Police Week”

Assemblywoman Barrett Discusses Mental Health Parity

As a member of the New York State Assembly’s mental health committee — and the head of the assembly’s veterans’ committee — Assemblywoman Didi Barrett (NY-106) has worked to increase supports for those suffering from mental health issues. Most recently, she and two fellow Democratic state senators (Senators Elijah Reichlin-Melnick (NY-38) and John Mannion (NY-50))Continue reading “Assemblywoman Barrett Discusses Mental Health Parity”

Assembly members Woerner and McDonald Discuss Opioid Recovery Bill

Two New York State Assembly members have co-sponsored a bill that hopes to take the settlement funds from a 2019 lawsuit against Purdue Pharma and administer them to various agencies and programs tackling recovery and treatment for individuals suffering from substance abuse. The bill’s sponsor Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner (NY-113) shared how she got involved withContinue reading “Assembly members Woerner and McDonald Discuss Opioid Recovery Bill”