Grief Stories: Theodore “Tree” Arrington

Theodore “Tree” Arrington was a leader. A giver. A friend. A mentor. A husband and father. As the founder of Poughkeepsie’s R.E.A.L. Skills Network, Arrington made a real difference in the time he lived. He died shockingly in April of last year at age 66. Yesterday, people gathered to watch the unveiling of a muralContinue reading “Grief Stories: Theodore “Tree” Arrington”

Juneteenth Celebration Honors Poughkeepsie Community Leader

Juneteenth held special meaning for the late Poughkeepsie community leader Theodore “Tree” Arrington. He hosted a celebration each year for six years via his nonprofit children’s organization R.E.A.L. Skills Network before passing last April. Today, the City of Poughkeepsie held a Juneteenth celebration at Mansion Square Park in his honor. The holiday marks the dayContinue reading “Juneteenth Celebration Honors Poughkeepsie Community Leader”

Anxiety Book Creates Movement

A book designed to eliminate anxiety stigma started a movement last year at a time of heightened anxiety. Lentini, 58, co-wrote the book Anxiety Insights with her daughter Nicole, a psychiatrist based in Chicago. They each documented their own human struggles with anxiety, alongside those of other family members and loved ones. “One of myContinue reading “Anxiety Book Creates Movement”

Rare brain disorder changes family’s perspective

When their son Eli received the diagnosis of a rare brain disorder in September 2019, time stopped for parents Scott and Ilissa Reich. Once the initial shock dissolved, they dove headfirst into finding a cure. Eli, 2, has FOX G1 Syndrome, a condition that causes severe cognitive impairment. Symptoms include nonverbal communication, immobility and seizures.Continue reading “Rare brain disorder changes family’s perspective”

Graduates Reflect on their Pandemic Senior Year

Ashley Sanchez, Isabella Crow and Anastasia Zhurova had a senior year of school like no other. Each of the Hudson Valley residents did not know what to expect from their milestone year. Cornwall Central High School graduate Crow is currently working at Camp Lookout in Frankfurt, Michigan. She will attend the University of Michigan thisContinue reading “Graduates Reflect on their Pandemic Senior Year”

Trans and Queer March Hosted in Beacon

A march to address transgender and queer issues in the Beacon area and elsewhere took place yesterday. Reports of a right-wing activist sending threatening messages have left Beacon LGBTQ+ residents and their allies fearful. Nationwide, bills in state legislatures threaten to curb transgender rights. The march started at Memorial Park and went through the neighborhoodContinue reading “Trans and Queer March Hosted in Beacon”

Senator Skoufis Discusses Water Testing Bill

A water testing bill sponsored by Senator James Skoufis (D-39) passed this week. It promises to be a breakthrough in the ongoing statewide issue of water contamination. The bill expands testing for toxic chemicals in drinking water. Through this legislation, every municipality will be able to detect 40 different contaminants. “This bill requires virtually everyContinue reading “Senator Skoufis Discusses Water Testing Bill”

The Trauma of Racism: Being Adopted

As an adopted Asian American child in Connecticut, Tessa Woods felt lost in a mostly white community. Adopted from Vietnam at five months old, the 23-year-old photographer had “subconscious identity issues.” “I never felt fully ‘Asian’ enough because I didn’t grow up with a traditional Vietnamese background,” she said. In middle school, Woods was partContinue reading “The Trauma of Racism: Being Adopted”

Family carries on search for missing playwright

Update (June 21, 2021): Andrew Neiman’s death was confirmed Saturday after his body was discovered on the shoreline of the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie Wednesday. Andy Neiman sought mental health treatment in Poughkeepsie’s Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital before suddenly going missing on May 21. The last image of him was in the hospital wearing green scrubsContinue reading “Family carries on search for missing playwright”

Community Gardens in NYC Offer Wellness Benefits

Community gardens bring nature, beauty and serenity to New York City. They also provide mental wellness for millions of New Yorkers. This was no more evident than during the pandemic. New York City native Donald Loggins, 69, a founding member of the environmental group Green Guerillas, explained how the presence of multiple gardens helped wearyContinue reading “Community Gardens in NYC Offer Wellness Benefits”