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At The Source NY, you will find yourself welcome to the sight of connecting with your inner self.

While the Poughkeepsie-based wellness center boasts massage facilities, meditation and yoga, its main feature is the Aura-Soma Studio.

Meaning light and body, Aura-Soma is a Kabbalist-inspired treatment that uses light and colors to help people heal from trauma.

Founded in 2017, The Source NY Wellness Center allows clients to see light reflected on different color combinations. They then choose which colors represent their feelings the most in that moment.

The colors selected help map out a pathway towards self-healing. Founder Dr. Stacey Lamar will read out what the color combinations symbolize.

“You’re picking the bottles, this is your message,” she said. “I just read what your message is based on the bottles you choose.”

Digging Deeper into Aura Soma

Dr. Lamar guides her clients using her own journey in finding light through abuse, poverty and workplace sexual harassment as inspiration, which she wrote about in her book Starseed.

“I incorporated all the modalities that I’ve used, and try to bring what I’ve used for my own spiritual healing to other people,” she said.

The modalities are based on the teachings of Vicky Wall, who was a British healer born colorblind and with synaesthesia. Despite these challenges, she was able to feel people’s energy through colors. This inspired her to create glass bottles that combined different layers of colors.

Dr. Lamar is one of only 39 aura-soma practitioners across the United States. She believes this is due to cultural attitudes in the U.S. towards alternative medicine.

“There is a resistance to alternative modalities in Western society,” she said.

Most of Dr. Lamar’s clientele are females, but her practice is open to anyone in need of spiritual guidance.

“This is for people trying to figure out their purpose in life,” she said. “The message comes from your subconscious, and it’s never wrong.”

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