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Tabitha Henson, owner of Mosaic Clinical Services in Kingston (Courtesy: Facebook)

Tabitha Henson, owner of Mosaic Clinical Services, has been able to perform mental health miracles with a therapy known as eye movement desensitization reprocessing (or EMDR) .

“The transformation that people make is is just truly unreal, unbelievable and remarkable,” she said. “To go from being hospitalized multiple times with a childhood full of trauma to having a healthy relationship and getting a job instead of being on disability, it really is a true healing at your core that’s like permanent.”

EMDR, Henson says, is a treatment developed primarily to treat trauma.

“It works by reprocessing the memories and the way they’re stored in our brain,” she said. “We don’t know how it does that, but we know that it works.”

EMDR is designed to take the memories one has that are traumatic and allow for people to process them in a way where they don’t get so emotionally overwhelmed.

“The goal of EMDR is that when you’re thinking about memories that are upsetting to you,” she said, “when you think about that memory, you have this kind of logical knowledge of ‘Oh, that was a bad thing,’ but there’s no emotional reaction.”

Mosaic Clinical Services has grown during the pandemic, as more patients have access to the services via Telehealth.

Henson has accommodated her patients with Telehealth services during the pandemic, which has been beneficial for many of them.

“My patients, 99 percent of them love it, because they can sit in their bed comfy, cozy and safe or be in their car or their work break or go for a walk while doing therapy,” she said.

To take her services virtual, Henson has offered her patients the option of purchasing an electronic tapper to help “tap out” or tune out their emotions.

“They feel like a cell phone buzzing in your hand,” she describes. “I feel most comfortable with that and have found it most effective.”

Henson believes that an awareness of mental health issues has grown within the last decade, which has in turn raised awareness of therapies like EMDR.

“It’s been building for the past five to 10 years, where therapy is a thing that you do when it’s just normal,” she said. “[It’s become] a cool thing versus a shameful thing.”

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